Schedule a Hot Towel Shave In El Paso, TX

Cold towel.
Hot lather.
Great results.

You want your shave and your barbershop experience to go as smoothly as possible. When you choose La Barberia for your hot towel shave, you'll enjoy the refreshing feel of a close shave - and the comfort of quality customer service. Your shave will only take about a half-hour. Contact our barber shop in El Paso, TX today for your straight razor shave.

hot towel shave barber el paso, tx
hot towel shave barber in el paso, tx

You'll love your experience with our barber in El Paso, Texas

A hot towel shave might sound like an odd concept to some. Many older gentlemen went to their local barber for a hot towel shave. At La Barberia, we want to bring the hot towel shave back in style. If you've never considered a hot towel shave, here's why you should:

  • It's extremely relaxing.
  • It softens your beard for a more comfortable shave.
  • It's better than using a cheap stick razor.

You won't experience any razor burn. Your pores will open up, and your skin will be softer. You'll feel like you just stepped out of the shower. For a close shave without any of the cuts and burns, visit La Barberia in El Paso, Texas today.